Monday, February 18, 2008

IF this is the first time you are using DE, than you will be asked, if you want to make DE your default browser. Its totally depends upon you whether you want it or not. The layout of DE is similar to other browsers but the features are different. On the left side there is control panel that lets you choose between web, news, and P2P.

Tabbed Browsing

DE uses tabbed browsing so you can have multiple pages open at once. Tabs can be put into Groups and whenever you open a new page you can right click on it's tab to create a new group or to add it to an existing group (eg Move to Group > Work).

Startup Pages

You can get DE to open multiple pages whenever you start-up. Go to Tools > Web Browser Options, select Startup and choose whether you want DE to open the last active pages or all the pages that have been moved into the Start Pages folder (Favorites > Add to Start Pages).

Anti-Phishing Alarm

Deepnet Explorers integrated phishiing alarm warns you when you visit potentially fraudulent websites. You can customize the level of protection under Tools > Web Browser options and edit the white and black lists of approved and banned sites. The black list of dangerous sites is updated everytime you launch DE and you can manually update it and report any new phishing sites by clicking on Tools > Phishing Alarm.

Popup Killer

To activate or deactivate the pop-up killer click the pop icon on the status bar, the number next to it shows you how many pop-ups have been blocked. Right click this button to customize the Popup Killer and to view blocked URLs.