Friday, February 22, 2008

Content Filter

There is an option to enable a white list and to ban ads that float around the screen. If you want to display a pop-up when the Popup Killer is activated, simply press Shift and click. The content filter can also block different file types (sound, video, scripts etc) that you don't wish to receive.

Auto Login

Deepnet Explorer comes complete with a Login Manager that can remember your login details for you. When you visit a site that asks for login information DE will ask if you want it to remember the details for you. Click on Tools >Auto Login > Password Manager to administer all your login details.

Form Filler

You can do the same with forms. Select Tools > Form Filler > Form Manager and fill in your contact details. Whenever you visit a site, which requires your contact details you just need to click Tools > Form Filler > Fill in Home/Work details.

Cookie Manager

Deepnet Explorer gives you complete control over which cookies you allow and which ones you block. Tools >Web Browser Options > Cookie Filter gives you control over the black and white list and the Cookie Manager gives you information about all the cookies on your PC.

Direct Search

Deepnet Explorers browser address bar comes with built in search functionality. Simply enter a keyword and click Search and DE will search your chosen search engine. Also there is no need to type http://, www, or .com as DE has enabled direct navigation for many brands and companies

Keyword Navigation

Navigate to websites using everyday brand names or search terms instead of confusing web addresses. No more http:// www. or .coms necessary. It's a simple alternative to reaching a website if you can't remember a website address. Just type a brand name into your address bar and hit ENTER. Check out the latest Top 100 keywords typed by other Deepnet Explorer users.