Monday, July 13, 2009

Deepnet IE Browser

I have never heard of Deepnet Explorer, until an article on.
These bills themselves as "the world's first online + P2P + of the browser."

P2P technology is part of the Gnutella "to share and download files, browse the Web. Access to the files of millions of other users in the Gnutella network."

There is a built-in RSS reading "news readers bring news to you. But it also keeps access to your favorite news sites a day, only subscribers to their RSS / Atom news feed and

Deepnet Explorer allows the compilation and display of all The latest news on a screen. "

They also report to the police fraud. "It's working principle is to use a blacklist of known phishing sites and by analyzing the URL and Web site."

It only applies to Windows, it uses the Internet Explorer's rendering engine.
This does not mean that it will be vulnerable to any security vulnerabilities of the engine.

The Deepnet Explorer to protect users from such attacks a blacklist of known phishing sites and analysis of Web addresses and Web site. Phishing schemes typically combine spam e-mail and web pages look like legitimate e-commerce sites to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card number.

Manufacturers claim that their browser Deepnet Explorer is "more secure" than IE or Firefox, as "phishing alarm" and other security features, such as the "content control" function, allowing users to block ActiveX controls and other potential security hidden. In addition, according to Deepnet most of the IE browser's security problems and the impact of the application of Shell, rather than rendering engine, also used in Deepnet Explorer.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Deepnet Explorer - Powerful Web, P2P and News Aggregation browser

The Deepnet Explorer is a very useful and powerful P2P networks, news aggregators, and Web browser.Quickly browse the Web, share and download files of Gnutella P2P network, and read out at the same time the source of the latest news of your favorite.

Deepnet Explorer is the one-stop solution to save you time and system resources. The Deepnet Explorer's tabbed browsing interface, you can open multiple pages at once, so you can click on a label from a different point of view next to the page quickly and easily.

To save time, the background to open multiple web pages, and you finish your current page. In order to enhance convenience, the Deepnet Explorer can open multiple web pages, start firing. Automatically display your favorite sites without lifting a finger.

Deepnet Explorer are the two versions, Standard and Premium:
Standard Edition: Web browser, RSS news reader
Advanced version: Web browser, RSS news reader, P2P client

P2P technology, clients need more computing resources to run, and may lead to performance degradation due to connect the Windows XP/SP2 restrictions, Microsoft has introduced Windows XP/SP2. For those who do not use file-sharing, the standard version of the proposed.
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Friday, July 3, 2009

DEEPNET Explorer browser with nice - Security functions

100 percent compatible with Internet Explorer but is much safer. The aims of the essay DEEPNET Explorer browser by the British company's DEEPNET Technologies. The browser uses the HTML rendering engine of Internet Explorer and has some interesting additional features.

DEEPNET Explorer is one of the most secure Web browser. "With this award stems from the British company DEEPNET Technologies advertising drum for his essay free browser for Internet Explorer. DEEPNET The Explorer is based on Microsoft's Internet Explorer. However, the developers insist that only the HTML rendering engine of Internet Explorer is used. "Most of the vulnerabilities affect IE application and not the HTML engine," says the company. This was also the "DEEPNET Explorer more secure than Internet Explorer.

Even before the "hijackers" - spyware and adware attacks should the browser be sure because "DEEPNET Explorer" is not the IE Browser Helper Objects (BHO) for use as a special feature was also a mechanism in the browser essay integrated always be alert, if the user on a purely PhishinGoogle-mail is like a fake website and call. In addition, this mechanism also takes on a blacklist, where the well-known phishing pages are stored.

The pop-up blocker will prevent a user from advertising windows pop noise. In addition, eliminates the browser, but also increasingly coming to use flash advertising. "As pop-up blocker increasingly enforce Flash advertising is widespread and increasingly disturbing," says the chief DEEPNET Yurong Lin. Among the other security features include the "Page Control" function, which, for example, the ActiveX Controls may be disabled. In addition, the browser also allows a better control over the computer stored in the cookies.

Among the "feel good" functions of the DEEPNET Explorer, according to the developers 100 percent compatible with Internet Explorer, includes an integrated RSS reader and the possibility of the exchange files on the Gnutella P2P network. Tabbed browsing, the browser as well as Mouse Gestures, Auto Fill Form, Multi Start Page and one in the address bar integrated search.
The "phishing alarm" and the "Cookie Manager" are two of the innovations of the newly released version 1.3. The download of the free browser is 2.7 megabytes.
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