Monday, February 25, 2008


Mouse Gestures

Use your mouse to control your browser! Just hold your right mouse button down, move your mouse cursor in a specific direction, and release the button. Try the simple movements above remembering to press your right mouse button.

Super Drag & Drop

Super Drag and Drop enables you to open links in a new window just by clicking on a link and dragging and dropping it on the current page. You can also search by highlighting words on a page and dragging and dropping them onto the current page.

P2P Filing Sharing

The Advanced Edition of DE (Previously the 'Personal Edition') enables you to share files on the Gnutella network. You can only share and download material if you have permission from the copyright holder to do so. When you want to search for a file click the P2P icon and enter what you are looking for in the search field.

RSS News Reader

Deepnet's RSS News Reader comes with many news feeds preinstalled. To organize your feeds use the tree structure to the left of the screen. To search for articles click the Find button on the toolbar, enter a keyword and define your search.

Subscribe to RSS

To subscribe to a news channel drag and drop RSS or XML icons into the News icon on the control panel and a dialogue box will appear. Here you can edit the subscription details, set a username and password and select a news group for the new channel to be added to.

Full IE Compatibility

For ease of use, Deepnet Explorer automatically imports your Internet Explorer favorites and settings. Unlike some other web browsers, Deepnet Explorer Browser is 100% compatible with most web pages.