Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Internet Explorer App Crash Fix

The critics reported that Internet Explorer app crashes without any reason while the user tries to open a website or download something from the internet. To stop Internet Explorer app crash, you have to attempt the following steps:

1. Turn unnecessary extensions off
2. Correct the registry entries of IE
3. Reset the default settings
4. Disable third-party toolbars
5. Clear the Corrupted IE Cache Files

Turn Unnecessary Extensions Off

Extensions include the add-ons that you had installed for improving your internet experience. As default, only limited numbers of add-ons are installed.

However, while surfing on the internet, we sometimes install the third-party add-ons from a number of websites. Some of them if are incompatible with your system, or functioning improperly results in Internet Explorer app crash. Thus, you have to find such malfunctioning add-ons, and disable them.

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click Tools | Manage Add-Ons.
3. Select All Add-Ons option from Show drop down box.
4. Disable the unwanted add-ons, and then click Close button.
5. Restart IE for the changes to take effects.

Correct the Registry Entries of IE

Internet Explorer app crashes by the bad and corrupted registry entries. Thus it is important to ensure the state of registry regularly and correct the inappropriate entries.

Two ways of repairing the registry:
1. Automatic Repair
2. Manual Repair

Automatic Repair

No need to have an expertise in the field of registry fixing if you are planning to use a registry cleaner software. Select a genuine registry cleaner software recommended by the worldwide experts and click System Cleaner | Start Scan.

Manual Repair

I do not recommend this option. Instead, I recommend using a registry cleaner software.
Registry repairing is not a simple task and may make your computer unstable if wrong modifications are done. If you have an expertise and proper knowledge of finding and repairing the registry junk, you can manually resolve this error.

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