Monday, June 13, 2011

6 Short Ways to Speed Up Internet Explorer

Now, you can easily speed up Internet explorer without delving into many hassles. Follow below the enumerated piece of advice and you will see in a short time how effectively you can work faster on your browser without any external mechanism attached to it.

Often you have noticed that IE takes much longer time than required to load web pages. Even it doesn't restrict disturbing pop-up ads. These and few more problems results into the slower performance of the Internet explorer.

Five invaluable tips which will not only speed up Internet explorer but will also enhance its performance levels

1. There is a feature called phishing filter in the browse which helps in preventing your system gets access to unauthorized and deceptive website which may try to intrude your network. This specific feature tends to slow down the speed of Internet browser for which Microsoft has even launched a patch. But, many users have complained that this doesn't make any difference in the speed. It is advisable that you turn off ant-phishing feature by selecting 'tools.

2. RSS feeds are delivered to your browser from time to time. This feature usually tends to slow down the speed of Internet browser. You can switch it off if it's not that essential for your work.

3. There is a Java plug-in, SSV Helper embedded in the browser which can also be one of the reasons for the slowing down of the speed. Turning it off will enhance the performance levels as well as speed up Internet explorer.

4. Internet explorer has an advanced option Clear type for HTML. It's been found out that this specific feature tends to slow down the speed of browser. You can do without it as well.

5. Usually, web browsers draw two streams by default which can be increased to six or more. This will enable high speed Internet browsing. To serve this purpose IE 7 max connections tool is employed.

6. Or, this may be a case that Windows registry of your system is slow due to some errors or corrupt files which might be hampering with speed of IE. So, it is advisable that you first clean up registry and then look for other enumerated solutions. As registry is the backbone of your system and all programs installed on it. Thus, may be cleaning up of registry may speed up Internet Explorer.

You can effectively employ these steps to speed up your browser activity and be assured. If you are seeking some more information and tips on registry cleaning and turbojet your PC, laptop, or web browser performance, you can check our articles directory.