Friday, May 20, 2011

Internet Explorer Stopped - Fix Explorer Crash With 3 Simple Steps

Has you internet explorer stopped working? You may not need to reinstall your windows. It does happen that some of the programs in Windows do start to malfunction. So is true of the internet explorer. Quite often the explorer crash issue has been reported by users who prefer using this browser over others. But the fact is that most programs be they are browsers or explorers are prone to crash and stop working suddenly.

However, if you wish to avoid such instance you should have already fixed the registry and file association errors in your computers. File associations are the registry keys in the Windows registry database which allow programs to open normally. When there occur file association errors sometimes programs do not open despite we try top open them again and again which is very frustrating. For instance, in our case the where internet explorer is stopped strangely.

There are three simple steps to deal with this explorer crash if you have become its victim:

-- First of all disconnect internet and run scans to fix your issue. Conduct antivirus scan, antispyware scan and the registry repair scan.

-- Then manipulate the internet explorer settings to let it run again.

-- Then start the windows in safe mode and conduct the registry scan again.

When you are done restart the computer and open your explorer.

It is very important you follow all these steps. This approach helps to fix internet explorer crashes quite easily and we can safely resume our internet browsing on IE. Moreover a good registry repair scan not only fix thus crash but also prevents other programs from crashing.

By following this approach and using a good registry repair and system optimizer software you can also speed up your computer and avoid computer freezing.