Monday, June 29, 2009

Deepnet Explorer, a browser that is good for peer to peer

Deepnet Explorer - a browser based on IE, but with enhanced protection against phishing. Deepnet analyzes Web addresses and content of web sites and verify the data with the existing (black list). Users have the ability to block scripting ActiveX, as well as pop-ups and scripts on web pages. Deepnet Explorer contains a patch for multiple vulnerabilities, including Iframe, typical for Internet Explorer. According to the developers, the new version of Deepnet provide more security than IE and Firefox.

Deepnet Explorer, the world's first browser with RSS news reader, P2P client integration and phishing alarm. The browser's superior security, functionality and usability, still makes Deepnet stand out from the crowd. Switch now to experience browsing like never before.

Installing Deepnet Explorer takes only a few minutes. During setup, the browser automatically imported our cookies, settings, and favorites from Internet Explorer. The integrated search window enabled us to search multiple engines, including Google, XSPN, Yahoo Search, and MSN Search. Overall, the Deepnet interface is very similar to Internet Explorer's, with the biggest difference being the ability to open multiple tabbed Web pages within the browser. Tabbed browsing is already a popular feature within Firefox, Opera, and Netscape.

The fact is that the newcomer to the wonderful world Internet browsers is innovative, smart and secure, even if it does nothing revolutionary and he himself admitted having an interface can be similar to the browsers you had known before. "The main strike force: the inclusion of a Peer to Peer client for sharing files on your computer and download on the computer of others. It is why the Gnutella network, thus enjoying all the files that already passing. It also offers a navigation system tab became mandatory in the CV of any browser worth its name today as well as protection against phishing and spam. Another interesting feature is the recognition of certain actions of the mouse to open or close a tab, refresh the page or move to the next or previous tab. Finally, it is complete, including an RSS reader and promises to be fully compatible with Internet Explorer favorites.