Monday, October 6, 2008

Adding RSS news feeds in Deepnet Explorer

To add an RSS news feed to your News reader:

1.        Look for the XML or RSS feed icons on news pages of websites, for example Yahoo! news. Move your mouse cursor over the above icon on your chosen website and, holding the left mouse button, drag until the mouse arrow is over the News icon. Now let go.

2.        DE will switch from Web Browser to News Browser and launch a dialouge box with the URL of your chosen feed already entered.

3.        Click Next and select the news group the feed will be added to.

4.        Click Next and then click Finish to complete adding the feed to your news browser.

Add as many news feeds to this free RSS reader as you want, so you can view all the latest news in the one place.

Note - Each time you subscribe to news feeds, the feed link is stored in your OPML file. If you have used a different news reader in the past, you can import the OPML file and instantly list your feeds in Deepnet.


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