Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Browsing the web with Deepnet Explorer

Finding the web pages you want
To start browsing the web type a website address into the browser address bar, or click on any link on your home page.
Setting multiple start up pages
If you check more than one website whenever you start up your browser, you can save yourself some time by setting up multiple start up pages. Deepnet Explorer automatically opens the page you select whenever you launch the browser.
To open multiple pages whenever you start Deepnet Explorer navigate to the page you want to view on startup. Click Favorites > Add to Start Pages from the browser menu then click Yes to confirm you would like to add the page. When you next open your browser the page will display automatically.
To remove a page from the start pages click Favorites > Organize Favorites > Start Pages. Highlight the page not required then click the Delete to the left.
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