Thursday, May 8, 2008

Deepnet Explorer 1.5.3 beta 3 description

Deepnet Explorer - powerful Web, P2P and News Aggregation browser

Deepnet Explorer is a very useful and powerful P2P , News Aggregation and Web browser.

Browse the web quickly, share and download files on the Gnutella P2P network, and read the latest news from your favourite sources simultaneously.

Deepnet Explorer is the one-stop solution saving you time and system resources.

Deepnet Explorer’s tab browsing interface lets you open multiple pages at once, so you can click from one tab to the next to view different pages quickly and easily.

Save time by opening multiple pages in the background while you finish reading your current page.

For added convenience, Deepnet Explorer can open more than one start up page at launch. Automatically display your favourite sites without lifting a finger.

Deepnet Explorer is available in two editions, Standard and Advanced:
Standard Edition: Web Browser, RSS News Reader
Advanced Edition: Web Browser, RSS News Reader, P2P Client

The P2P Client requires more computing resource to run and may cause performance slowdown on Windows XP/SP2 due to the connection restriction that Microsoft has imposed on Windows XP/SP2. For those who do not use file sharing, the Standard Edition is recommended.

Computer Repair and Computer Technical Support will always be provided by Microsoft certified techs 24x7.

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himanshu on May 13, 2008 at 12:40 AM said...

It is very rare that we get even small details of browser whih is not most oftenly used now a days, I also went through ur other blogs, IMPRESSED!!!!